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When Is The Best Time To Sell My Shasta County Home?


Late spring — specifically, the month of May — is the best time to sell a house. Typically, sellers list their homes in the spring and summer because the weather is good, especially for people in colder climates. In addition, families want to buy their next home before school starts. By then, however, it’s usually too late to get the most ROI on your property. One of the reasons buyers are more eager to view properties during spring and summer may be due to the longer days. By getting more exposure for your listing through more traffic, you increase the chances to receive more offers.

April 2022 showed the highest sales to list ratio with sellers seeing a 99.6% sales price of list price. Followed closely by March and May at 99.5%.

For the quickest sale, May had the shortest window of time on the market at 67.1 days, meaning those homes were listed in late February

June sales showed the homes were on the market for 74.3. 

In terms of overall sales price, May was again the winner. In 2022 the average sold price in Shasta County was $395k, compared to $385k in June and $383k in July. 

Homes sold in May net a 12.6 percent seller premium (the amount above the home’s market value), based on ATTOM’s analysis of single-family home and condo sales over the past 10 years. By July, seller premiums start tapering off, falling to 7.9 percent. 

The highest-earning months are, in ranking order, are March, April, May, & June. These four months saw nearly $522m in transactions taking place during this period, according to Shasta County MLS.

Want to get even more specific? If you really want to maximize your profits and sell quickly, list your home on a Thursday. Data from both Redfin and Zillow suggest that Thursday is the sweet spot for new listings to appear on the market, as both house-hunters and real estate agents tend to plan their weekend showings toward the end of the week. Friday is a good bet as well. Avoid listing at the beginning of the week, as that raises the likelihood that the listing will sit for a few days before most buyers are ready to look — newly added listings look fresher to buyers.

See the data here 

We can’t predict the real estate market, but these patterns can help give sellers an indication of what to expect throughout the year. While the numbers may change relative to the current market, the trend does not. Listing your home for sale in February/March is still the best time of the year. Full stop. 

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